Kimee Balmilero

Creator.Director.Writer.Big Kid

Originally from Kaneohe, Hawaii…”When I Grow Up” creator Kimee Balmilero is best known as one of the stars of the 3-time Emmy Nominated Children’s TV Series, “Hi-5.” With “Hi-5” Kimee has toured the US & Canada & has appeared on “The Today Show”, “Live with Regis & Kelly” & “The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.” She is well known to audiences around the world thanks to “Hi-5” airing in North America, South America, Dubai, Okinawa & the Philippines. A professional performer since the age of 17, some of her other credits include: The Original Broadway cast of “Mamma Mia!”, the 2nd National touring company of “Miss Saigon” & “General Hospital.” She also does improv and sketch comedy around Los Angeles with several different teams.

After performing with “Hi-5” for 6 years, Kimee realized the significance of quality children’s programming. It needs to be educational and IT NEEDS TO BE FUN!!

One night while touring with the show, Kimee was in her hotel room listening to a track her friend Kristin Reddi has just recorded, “Possibility.” The positive lyrics combined with the images of smiling faces the kids & parents she saw earlier that day helped inspire “When I Grow Up.”

“When I Grow Up” combines education with cheeky silly humor that allows kids to learn that growing up doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Kimee has been blessed with the opportunity to do her “DREAM JOB” & wants kids to know that they too can follow their passion & achieve the same. Always fun & always entertaining, “When I Grow Up” shows kids (& parents) that following your dream is a POSSIBILITY!!!!

*When Kimee was little, she wanted to grow up to be a talk show host or a teacher…

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